RISE is an all volunteer organization!

The work we do is fueled by ‘average people’ who are passionate about making a difference in the world.  We got our start as a small group of people who saw a need, traded ideas, and gave some a try.  Some worked, some didn’t. But through the process of trying, we realized our own potential to create change.  It’s an empowering experience and we invite you to experience this too!  Check out ways to get involved below.

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Social media support

Growing our online presence is key to spreading awareness about acid violence. Like and share our pages to let others know about acid violence and the work RISE is doing!

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Share your RISE story

Share your RISE story and in the process, inspire others to RISE.  Read RISE stories here!  Email us at info@risecoalition.org to be interviewed.

Host a craft sale

Help expand the reach of our Artisan Marketplace by hosting a sale of crafts handmade by acid attack survivors!  Email us at info@risecoalition.org to learn more.





Raise funds

Get creative!  Host a bake sale, put on a concert, donate your birthday- whatever your style, even the smallest amount helps!

Are you a business owner?  Contact us to host a ‘donate a percent of sales to RISE’ event!

Learn more on our peer fundraising pages.



Collect supplies

Tech supplies

The ability to access the internet, join Facebook, and communicate with others is hugely beneficial to survivors’ emotional, physical, and financial well-being.  Have an item to donate or connections to companies who could donate? Contact us!

  • Smart phones
  • Ipads/tablets
  • Laptops

Medical supplies

Many of the hospitals treating acid attack survivors are in parts of the world with very limited access to medical supplies. Acid attack victims often do not have basic supplies like gauze or antibiotics and their wounds become infected, which compromises their healing.  Supplies most needed at this time:

  • Bulky absorbent dressings
  • Silver-based wound dressings
  • Silicon-based scar dressings
  • Pressure garments
  • Elastic/crepe bandages
  • Pain control medications
  • Nutritional supplements, oral or IV
  • Vitamin E cream
  • Raw shea butter
  • Raw coconut butter

Craft supplies

Survivor artisans love receiving supplies from around the world!  Have items to donate?  Please contact us!