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What is the Microloans project? 

The Microloans project will provide microloans to 10 acid attack survivors in Uganda.  RISE typically provides microloans as part of a larger business skills training (where survivors receive loans after completion of the business skills training.)  However, due to covid, in-person business skills training is not possible in Uganda at this time.  Therefore, these microloans will be provided to survivors who already have established businesses and for whom a microloan would allow them to expand their businesses.

Which partner center is this project with? 

End Acid Violence (EAV), Uganda

How many survivors will benefit?


Has RISE funded a similar program before?

Yes.  RISE has funded three rounds of microloans for acid attack survivors in Uganda.  Learn more here.

How will this project benefit acid attack survivors? Why is funding this project important? 

Before they were attacked, many survivors were in school or had careers or businesses through which they earned a living for themselves and their families. After being attacked, their lives change drastically, as lengthy recovery periods, disfigurement, and disability make work life much more difficult.  In addition, many survivors are discriminated against in the job market due to their physical disfigurement, and despite being good candidates, are not hired for these positions.  Providing survivors with microloans helps survivors overcome these barriers.

How does this program fit within your mission? 

We have chosen this project so that we can (1) support acid attack survivors in Uganda and (2) activate the potential of individuals in our community to provide meaningful solutions. By providing microloans to survivors, we help them expand their businesses and empower them to provide for themselves financially.  By putting students in charge of the fundraising process, we give them the ability to learn about nonprofit management, work with international partners, and realize their potential as human rights activists. 

How will you measure outcomes? 

We will work with our partner center EAV to conduct evaluations of survivors’ businesses to determine the extent to which the loan was effective in growing their businesses.  We will measure monthly business profits and expansion.