Partner Center: End Acid Violence Uganda

When: January 2018 & November 2019

Funded by: RISE

How many survivors trained: 12

Training in: Business skills (Training provided by Martin Kabanda, lecturer of business at Uganda Christian University in Kampala, Uganda)

Outcomes: Survivors graduated in March of 2018 & December 2019.  All survivors have either repaid loans or are on track to do so!  Many survivors have started or grown businesses that have allowed them to provide financially for their families.



Partner Center: ASTITWA Nepal

When: September 2019

Funded by: RISE

How many survivors involved: One burn survivor, Sabita Mahat, received a loan to expand her piggy bank business.  Sabita has been a small business owner for many years.  She makes and sells pickles, does henna tattooing, paints landscapes, and is now creating piggy banks!  She started by making just a few piggy banks but they sold out so quickly she realized she had to increase her capacity to meet the demand.  To help her take her business to the next level, RISE and our partner center, ASTITWA Nepal, have provided Sabita with a loan to purchase additional materials and train (with the intention to employ) other acid attack survivors in Nepal.

She even made the news in Nepal!

Our survivor Sabita Mahat didi putting a finishing touch to her fish piggy bank.If you want to order this fish piggy bank or any of her other works you can DM is it contact her directly.

Posted by Astitwa Nepal on Wednesday, July 24, 2019