What is a RISE chapter?

RISE chapters are student organizations.  They support the mission of RISE (the nonprofit organization) by increasing awareness of our work and providing programming for survivors. Establishing a RISE chapter will teach you a lot about effective advocacy!  You will develop organizational and leadership skills and learn important lessons about creative problem solving.  You will also become part of a small community of individuals who advocate for acid attack survivors around the world.

Here are some photos from chapter meetings and events:

Hear from the president of RISE University of Cincinnati, RISE’s first university chapter!

“Being a part of a chapter of RISE at my university has been the most amazing experience. RISE has shown me what it means to be truly passionate about something and work to create positive change here and abroad. RISE has taught me what it means to be a leader and helps me to grow every day.”

– Fatima Khan, RISE UC President


Hear from the presidents of RISE Ursuline Academy, RISE’s first high school chapter! 

“Until my sister inspired me to start RISE UA, I had no clue that there was action taken within the U.S. to help the cause against acid violence. I soon realized how much of a difference RISE had made and how I wanted to be a part in making that happen in the future.”

– Kavya Vinod, RISE UA Co-President



“I knew that starting a chapter of RISE would introduce me to new opportunities and experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise. Not only has RISE exceeded that expectation, but it has also helped me to learn the impact of an individual’s voice – acid attack survivor or high school student.”

– Michelle Bohman, RISE UA Co-President