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Translation: Hello everyone, greeting you in the name of God.  My name is Ssewagaba Muhamed.  In 1999, I was attacked by my brother in law on the 26th December.  Since then, I have been looking like this.  I was deformed. I am embarrassed in the community, walking and fearing myself, thinking how it will be.  I am very happy to hear that there are some people who have come out to help us in this situation because all along we have been crying for the government to bring the law which could help to make a decline on the acid attacks. but it has been all in vain.  But since there is an organization which has come up to see that the law is being put in place and being implemented and I am very, very happy to hear this.  They need all the support so we are calling upon our donors who have supported us without fail to come out again this time around, to support us, to support RISE, to see that we get a law here because our government has been keeping quiet for years.  But since we have got people to help us, we are calling up on you to come out, as acid survivors, that is how we shall get justice and be helped in that aspect. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organization which has come up with this important and very good idea of bringing a law into action and we are calling upon our donors to help. Thank you so much RISE.

Translation: Hello my name is Jamidah Namuyomba. I was burned by my husband when I was young. Now I am grown and have a child in year 4. I am appealing to donors to donate to this cause because I have seen that the government here (Uganda) has done nothing to people who have done bad such bad things like pouring acid. They have not come out with strong laws which could help acid attack survivors get justice. First of all, in most cases after being attacked, you have to sell everything you have so that you can look after yourself. In most cases, survivors do not have enough money to hire lawyers. However, the perpetrators have money to hire lawyers and buy out the judges to see that the law is not enforced. If there are people like RISE who can pass a law to help acid attack survivors, it is very important, and we welcome it. I am appealing to you to donate to RISE so that they can take action. It is very important and will help us to see that justice is being done and is being served. The current laws are weak, so in most cases, we see the people who have committed such atrocities walking around the streets with us, enjoying their lives after having done such horrible things to survivors. Nothing has been done to them, so it is the reason why the law must be passed. Thank you so much, donors. Please help us and donate to RISE so that this law can come to pass. Thank you so much.

Translation: My name is Shamila, and I appreciate RISE for fighting for a law to be implemented in Uganda. I appreciate all of the donors and well-wishers from different countries, especially America. I am very thankful that you have come on board to give a helping hand. I urge you beloved donors to continue supporting RISE because it is very important for this law to be passed in Uganda. Not only will it help reduce the pouring of acid, but it also gives a satisfactory feeling to those who have already been attacked when the law is passed. Maybe they can even receive justice. I appeal to you beloved donors to continue donating to RISE, so that RISE can continue to fight for the implementation of the law in Uganda, which will bring good things to survivors and to those who are not yet targeted for acid attacks.