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For the past year, our team has been working very hard to get a law passed against acid violence in Uganda.

We started a petition (which now has over 43,000 signatures!) on change.org to Demand the Government of Uganda Pass a Law Against Acid Attacks.

We consulted with a team of Ugandan human rights lawyers on what is needed to pass a law in Uganda.  Based on their advice, and thanks to your donations, we hired a researcher and statistician Johnson Owonda to conduct country-wide research on acid violence in Uganda.  Eight acid attack survivor peer researchers were hired to help conduct interviews.  Additional research is underway to get information from survivors in more rural areas.  We will then write up the results of that research, a situational analysis, which will be shared with members of the Ugandan Parliament.

One of our team members was recently in Uganda and met with members of parliament to encourage passage of this law.  Their general response was that the bill is well written and definitely needed, but additional ‘data’ about the incidence of acid violence is critical to encouraging the parliament to pass it.

The next step in the process is to host two large events.  The first event will be the launching of the situational analysis.  This will be a half-day event where acid attack survivors, members of parliament, medical personnel, police, and other community leaders will gather to hear about the results of our research.  During this event, we will make a case for a law against acid violence.  This event will be live-streamed and you will be invited!  The second event will be a stakeholders meeting, a full-day event where we will invite law makers to review the bill that has been drafted and propose any changes before we submit it to parliament.

Learn more here: Why Uganda needs a law against acid attacks