June 2018

Partner Center: Hope Care Rescue Mission (formerly End Acid Violence Uganda)

When: June 2018

Funded by: Grant from an international organization (grant awarded to RISE) & contribution of a RISE private donor

How many survivors trained: Five

Training in: Jewelry making & business skills

Outcomes: Survivors graduated in August.  Products are being sold in local markets and on the RISE Artisan Marketplace.

Photos from the training

Hear from participant Shina Namatovu on the impact of this training:

Translation: “My name is Namatovu Shina.  I stay in Masajja. I was attacked with acid as I was coming from the bathroom to bath. The acid was splashed in the back.  I was taken to hospital where I spent 6 months.  By the time I was discharged, my job was no more. As I was figuring what to do, I was invited by this organization End Acid Violence Uganda to train us in different things where we can acquire skills. I thank this organization so very much for taking care of us because we have been undermined a lot. As other people chased us away, they welcomed us and equipped us with skills. I thank this organization so much for the work they have done in us.”