RISE mentors students in establishing RISE chapters at their schools.  

RISE chapters serve as ‘mini-RISE’ organizations. Students learn the basics of running an organization, including recruiting members, hosting awareness and fundraising events, and building donor bases.  RISE also mentors students in effective advocacy, including communicating human rights issues in ways that inspire others to want to learn more and get involved. 

Each year, student chapters are responsible for funding a project benefiting RISE’s partner centers in Uganda and Nepal.  Through doing so, students learn the basics of putting out and evaluating calls for proposals, deciding which program to fund, setting and meeting fundraising goals, and communicating the impact their program has on the lives of survivors.

The transformation, from being a person concerned about human rights issues to being a person who is empowered to make a difference, is the most rewarding aspect of the experience, both for students and for the RISE team.

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Current RISE Chapters

RISE University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

RISE University of Cincinnati (RISE UC) was founded by UC student Divya Vinod (now in Medical School at Ohio State University) in 2017.  Divya was a RISE intern at the time and suggested starting a student chapter to broaden the scope of our work.  We loved the idea, as it fit well within our dual mission.  Together with fellow student Meghna Chandorkar, Divya registered the chapter as a student organization at UC and served as president for the first year and a half of its existence.  In 2019, the current president, Fatima Khan, was elected.  The chapter has reached hundreds of UC students through awareness and fundraising activities.

RISE UC projects

Nepal Notebook Project (2019)

RISE UC’s first project was the Nepal Notebook Project, an income generating project benefiting ASTITWA Nepal.  

RISE UC sent ASTITWA Nepal $500 to purchase materials, assemble the product, and print these notebooks.  The notebooks included a front cover designed by survivor Sabita Mahat, along with lined paper and a back cover with information about prevention of acid and burns violence. 

Proceeds from the sale of the notebooks have gone to ASTITWA Nepal, who uses the money for overhead costs for the running of their organization and to support programming for survivors.  


Food during COVID-19 Project (2020)

Due to the onset of COVID-19, both Nepal and Uganda underwent a national lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus. Due to this lockdown, many acid and burn violence survivors were not able to work and provide food for themselves and their families. 

To provide immediate relief during this time, RISE UC hosted a COVID-19 fundraiser in which we raised over $1500.  We sent these funds to our partner organizations in Uganda and Nepal, who were able to provide “food packs” that contained items such as rice, daal, potatoes, beans, posho, biscuits, salt, sugar, cooking oil, sanitary pads, and soap for 32 survivors.


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RISE Ursuline Academy, Cincinnati, Ohio

RISE Ursuline Academy (RISE UA) was founded by UA students Kavya Vinod and Michelle Bohman in 2019. After attending various RISE UC events, Kavya and Michelle were inspired to extend RISE into their own high school. RISE UA quickly grew into a chapter of passionate advocates who created a community that is excited to be supporting acid attack survivors worldwide. Although having a shortened first year due to the COVID-19 crisis, RISE UA hosted six club meetings, collaborated with existing service projects, and hosted an event that raised over $400 for acid attack survivors.

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RISE Montrose, Medfield, Massachusetts

RISE Montrose (RISE MT) was founded by Montrose student Ridhi Thotakura in 2020.