RISE Ursuline Academy

Ursuline Academy is a private, all-girls high school located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  RISE Ursuline Academy (RISE UA) was founded in 2019 by former students Kavya Vinod and Michelle Bowman.  It was RISE’s first high school chapter and its establishment inspired several other high school chapters around the US!

We’re currently raising funds for:

Urban Farming, Uganda

While many of the survivors associated with HOCRAM live outside the city and have space to grow crops for personal use, many other survivors live in more densely populated areas without outdoor space for growing food. Participants in the urban farming project will receive training in growing fruits and vegetables in small outdoor spaces or indoors in containers. They will also receive the materials needed to launch their individual projects.  The intent of this project is to increase the amount of fresh, healthy, affordable food available to individual survivors and their families.  This is particularly relevant given that food insecurity has been increasing due to covid-19 and its impact on the Ugandan economy.

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Advanced Jewelry Training, Nepal, 2021

Knitting Training, Nepal, 2021

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