Briefly tell us who you are and where you are from.

My names are Kasolo Daniels I am from Uganda.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

I can describe myself as God fearing persoN

When is your birthday? What is your favorite color? Favorite activity?

My birthday is 3rd/feb and blue is my colour,I liked to play football before the attack

If you could do or be anything in the world, what would it be?

If  I had the manageable power in this world,I would have engaged in helping needy people by creating an awareness of their rescue to make them useful citizens in the society. I am dreaming about a free immorality acts in my country Uganda whereby people could abandon awful acts to resort for dialogue in my dear Uganda.

What is a dream that you have? What is something that you are passionate about?

I am dreaming about a free immorality acts in my country Uganda whereby people could abandon awful acts to resort for dialogue in my dear Uganda.I am passionate about helping my fellow survivors to realise that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tell us your RISE story. What are you RISing from? What are you RISE-ing to?  What has been a challenge in your RISE-ing process?  How have you overcome those challenges?

Rise has become one of us….we have been motivated and inspired by the brave people from rise to see that our lives could change and due to their inspirational work,some survivors are making crafts which they sell to well wishers in US through rise team. Surely our lives are changing dramatically. I am trying to rise from zero to hero by not letting my physical appearance to govern me but to conquer my fear and hate into productive life ahead of me through working tirelessly and engaging my fellow survivors in bead making and other useful activities. I want people to know that God has an important plan to everyone in humanly life. Never feel so down to the obstacles you’re facing,but find some positives from such obstacles and move on. In this world God created us with a purpose,never let anybody let you down,you can change the world by starting from your community with so called simple things. Which you call a simple thing it can be an important thing to somebody else.

What does RISE mean to you?

Rise means a lot not only me but to all different people who feels that they are unprivileged and abandoned by telling us to rise from where we have stuck from to look beyond our faces. The motivations and inspirations we acquire has given us courage to rise against all odds.
My motto is,i can do anything with God
My hero is my family

Final thoughts?

My final remarks goes to everyone who is aggrieved,attacked in any way,abandoned,assaulted in any way or feels like that these life is not worthy by telling you that God has a broad plan to our lives and whatever happened God know better so please don’t let what happened to affect your life entirely. Let it go and try to live a positive life and consider counselling… help. Lastly continue have faith in God and seek his guidance all the time he will intervene.