Ashish Kumar

Briefly, tell us who you are and where you are from.

I am Ashish Kumar from Chattishgarh state (India).  I am from middle class family.  What I am I can’t describe.  That you can get better from my friends.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

I am dedicated.  I believe in hard work and loyalty towards my work.

When is your birthday? What is your favorite color? Favorite activity?

My birthday is 29 September 1988.  I like all bright colors.

If you could do or be anything in the world, what would it be?

Without film or cinema, I can’t imagine my self.

What is a dream that you have? What is something that you are passionate about?

I want to be a successful human being in my life.  This is my dream and passion so yes I love making films.  I love acting.  I love analyzing people.  I love collecting characters in my mind.

Tell us your RISE story. What are you RISE-ing from? What are you RISE-ing to?

My rising story, I’m from lower middle class family, a small town boy where people are not thinking about cinema or any kind of art.  They don’t even like those people who are working in film industry because at the same time our India society is hypocrite.  They don’t want their kids work on film industry but they like entertainment.  They like to watch it.  So I’m belonging from such kind of society but I’m happy my family, my parents, my friends are always there with me to support me in any cause. Now I want to work for cinema because I want to change the society and hope will get success.  Though money is important, I cant deny it, but eventually I have to be a good human being as well.

How did you first become involved with acid attack survivors?

I was trying to connect myself with current affairs or with society.  In 2014, I was reading about one acid survivor’s news and I was surprised whatever is going on in our society is not good.  Then I started reading a few more news and then I thought I should make a film to create awareness.  I was not an established filmmaker so can’t support them on monetary basis but I could do something for our society through film making.

I started reading about acid attacks, about laws, then started reading universal news as acid attack is universal problem seen in many films.  These were all my research work.

Then I contacted a NGO working with acid attack survivors in India.  I met with them and then the next day, I was in Delhi protesting with them for their rights.  I just showed up to the protest.  And there I met Chandrahass Mishra (an acid attack survivor) and I started talking with them and trying to get to know about their problems.


Why do you think you had a passion for helping acid attack survivors in particular?

When you can analyse what is right and wrong, then you can easily understand to whom you have to advocate.  But I think acid survivor’s life is more herculean than others.

What is one thing you want people reading this to know?

Be a good human being and loyal for everything whether for relationship or for work or for anything.

What would you say to those who think they can’t make a difference in the world?

See everything is possible in this world if you are thinking then definitely it can be possible but you need to be focused and you should have proper planning so that you can march towards the goal and execute in appropriate way .

What does RISE mean to you?

When you are rising, you are not rising alone.  You are rising with your surrounded people.  They may be in your life or may not be and if you are growing and people are happy, it  means you are in right path and steadily marching toward your target.  So your rising can effect to others as well so be loyal to whatever you want to do.

Final thoughts?

Yes I want to work for society, for my family parents and friends.  For that I am working and trying to make good cinema, good films so that I could connect with maximum people through my film.

Trailer for Ashish’s film: