Angie Vredeveld

Founder & Board Member

Dr. Angie Vredeveld is a clinical psychologist and founder of Immigration Psychology Services, Inc.  She has worked extensively with trauma survivors and has traveled as a psychologist to South Africa, Rwanda, and Uganda. She began working with acid attack survivors in 2014, after meeting an acid attack survivor in Uganda whom she later helped get to the US for a series of reconstructive surgeries.

Ellen Galloway

Board Member

Ellen Galloway works as a science writer-editor for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, part of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Ellen has done healthcare-related work in Sierra Leone and Rwanda.  She obtained her bachelor’s degree from Miami University and a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling from the University of Cincinnati.

Will Wagner

Board Member

Will Wagner is a professional musician in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He has a master’s degree in jazz studies from the University of Cincinnati.  Will first got involved with RISE when the organization was looking for bands to play for its fundraiser.  Since then, he has continued to perform music for the cause, as well as help spread awareness through social media, fundraisers, and online petitioning.

Lauren James

Program Coordinator

Lauren James has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Northern Kentucky University.  She collaborates with teams whose primary mission is to help those in need of justice, recognition and resolution.  She has worked alongside local and international nonprofits as an event organizer, fundraiser and social media liaison.  Her studies and her work have been catalysts for empathy and hope for change.

George Vredeveld


Dr. George Vredeveld is the founder and director emeritus of the Economics Center for Education and Research and Professor emeritus at the University of Cincinnati. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Indiana University.  Dr. Vredeveld is currently a research associate at Varna Free University (Bulgaria) and an advisory board member of the European Leadership University.

Amanda Arigaba

Ugandan Media Outreach

Amanda Arigaba, is Ugandan lawyer with special interests in International Humanitarian law and Non-Profit activities. She is currently a Legal Trainee at Ohio Innocence Project and holds an LL.B. from Makerere University, a Diploma of Law in Human Rights from Law Development Centre and an LL.M from University of Cincinnati. She volunteers with Kids Empowerment’s preparing country reports on the status of refugees in Uganda and her response to this global crisis.

Robert Banger


Robert Banger is a painter and sculptor in Spokane Valley, Washington. He began his professional artistic life illustrating fossils in Chicago. To fulfill a lifelong ambition of becoming a Renaissance Man he has been a sailor on tug boats, archaeologist, computer systems specialist, Information Designer, and Principal of his own video production company for Technical and Medical presentations. He paints RISE portraits with the classic technology of the Old Flemish Maters.

Shannon Mullett


Shannon Mullett is a professional fundraiser with a passion for enacting real change in the world. She received her bachelor’s degree in political science from Miami University and serves as the Assistant Director of Development for the College of Arts and Science at Miami University. Shannon has experience fundraising for everything from small nonprofits to art museums and enjoys using her skills to help RISE end acid violence worldwide.

Michael Ortman

Medical Intern

Mike Ortman has a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Clemson University and is a medical student at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. He spent a semester studying abroad in Thailand and has had many medically-related experiences including volunteering and research. His experiences have given him a strong interest in global health.

Divya Vinod

Medical Intern

Divya Vinod is a Medical Sciences Major at the University of Cincinnati and in the 8-year guaranteed medical program. Passionate about growing the community in unique ways, she has pursued many medically-related volunteer experiences, taught public speaking classes, and is excited to be a part of RISE. In her free time, she loves to play the violin, dance, and (whenever possible) travel.

Zach Keyes


Zach Keyes is a senior at Miami University pursuing a degree in Strategic Communications and Psychology. He will graduate in December 2017. Zach specializes in management, marketing, and communications.  Outside of class/ work he enjoys spending time being active and adventurous with his friends.

Mentalla Ismail


Mentalla Ismail is a University of Cincinnati student majoring in Biology and Neurobiology. She leads the student organization Global Public Health Brigades and plans their annual service brigade to Nicaragua.  She also volunteers as an Arabic translator for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  She enjoys giving tours on campus to prospective students and watching TED talks.

Hannah Barker

Grant Writer

Hannah Barker works as a technical communicator at Medpace in Cincinnati.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Xavier University and her Master’s Degree in Professional Writing from the University of Cincinnati (UC). While at UC, she worked with international services and programs, which fueled her interest in global affairs.

Meghna Chandorkar


Meghna Chandorkar is a Medical Sciences Major at the University of Cincinnati. She enjoys helping the community in various ways, including volunteering in the hospital and food pantry. She has also taught young children (ages 4-7) early reading and mathematical skills. Her interests include playing the viola, reading science fiction novels, and playing badminton.