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In addition to supporting survivors of acid violence, RISE works to activate the potential of the “average person” to take action on human rights issues generally, and acid violence specifically. The “average person” is not limited to adults, or people with experience, education, or ample resources but includes anyone who wants to make a difference!  We believe that as students, you have the power to create change around the world.  Volunteer with us to experience how your contributions can make direct positive impacts in the lives of acid attack survivors around the world!

How to get involved

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University students interning with RISE suggested we start an student organization at the University of Cincinnati.  We said great idea and are so proud that these interns made it happen!  Now that RISE UC is established and university students are seeing the impact of what they can do, they suggested RISE reach out to high schools to encourage them to start high school chapters so high school students can also experience the empowerment that comes through making a practical difference in the lives of those affected by human rights issues.  We again said great idea, and what a better way to empower university students than to make them the mentors to the high school students.

What does it take to start a high school chapter?

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Teachers: Want to understand more about what RISE does and how your class might get involved?  Please contact RISE Director Dr. Angie Vredeveld at avredeveld@risecoalition.org