Design your own fundraiser.  Be serious or silly- whatever your style!

Host a dinner party

Make dinner for friends and ask each to give a certain amount at the door.

Host a concert

Know a musician?  Ask if they or their band would be willing to put on a concert.  Invite some friends and charge a cover.

Have a silent auction

Ask local businesses to donate items that will then be auctioned off at your event

Host a rummage sale

Ask friends and family to donate used items and invite a bunch of people to shop for a cause!

Have a car wash or bake sale

These old-fashioned fundraisers still work!

Wacky wager

Promise to do something out of the ordinary, like shaving your beard or dressing up as a celebrity if a certain fundraising goal is reached!
These are just a few ideas.  Please get creative!  We love to have fun, and raising money on behalf of acid attack survivors should feel good!

See Mobile Cause’s Fundraising Event Ideas for Nonprofits for more ideas!