Own a business or know of one who might participate?  Donate a percent of sales to RISE!

Help us reach our goals for 2019!

$10,115 of $10,000 raised
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Donation Total: $10 One Time

How does it work?

  • Contact us to let us know the date(s) you’ve chosen to donate a percent of your sales.
  • We will advertise your business’s “percent day” on RISE’s Facebook, Instagram, and Web page for the week prior to the sale.  This will drive customers to your business!
  • For the day of the sale, display a flyer letting customers know that a percent of their purchases are going to support RISE’s efforts in ending acid violence internationally.
  • Send us a check or donate via paypal for the amount of sales.
  • Be part of our website!  We’ll keep your business name & logo on our site as appreciation for your donation.
From Handmadeology, Why Your Handmade Business Should Support a Charity: 

“As an independent business owner you probably don’t make a lot of money, so why would you give up that little bit of hard earned cash to support a non-profit organization? Beyond the fact that it’s just a nice thing to do, supporting charity work can be a benefit to your business in a variety of ways. It helps you to get and retain customers, spread the word about your business and get a little relief come tax time.”

Pangaea Trading Company

unnamed“We loved hosting a ‘Donate 10% to RISE’ Day at Pangaea. Everyone, from our regulars to new customers bought a little-extra-something when they learned about the cause. It was really heartwarming. Even I shopped after my shift!” – Jackie Hart, Pangaea employee